"One Slight Hitch" @ Hunterdon Hills Playhouse

By Stout's Tour & Travel (other events)

Wednesday, October 7 2020 8:30 AM 5:15 PM

“One Slight Hitch” is a comedic play revolving around the Coleman family of Cincinnati, Ohio — Mom, Pop, and their three girls —on the day of their oldest daughter’s backyard wedding. Mother Delia is frantic about flower arrangements, bug bombs and all sorts of other last minute details. Father Doc is doing his best to keep his wife calm and the day running smoothly. Bride-to-be,Courtney, is set to marry a conservative, strait-laced, all-American guy, Harper. The doorbell rings and Courtney’s long-time ex-boyfriend, Ryan, is suddenly thrown into the mix and will not go away, resulting in a series of zany, heartfelt events.Package Includes: Show Ticket, Sit-Down Plated Luncheon and Dessert Buffet.

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